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BlackBerry KeyOne

The BlackBerry KeyOne is a touchscreen-based Android smartphone with an integrated hardware keyboard that is manufactured by TCL Corporation under the brand name of BlackBerry Mobile.

At least it has a physical keyboard.


Well, here we are. AT&T has kicked all BlackBerry devices except for the Priv and the KeyOne (PRD-63116-036) off of its network. Even the devices they used to sell. Can’t roll back to the Key2. Can’t even retreat to the Passport.

At least it has a physical keyboard?

dialer codes

Type the following codes into the dialer app to pull up hidden menus.

   *#837837#     displays the PRD
   *#*#46368676#*#*     cellular menu

capacitive touch scrolling

The KeyOne’s physical keyboard is also a capacitive surface that doubles as a touchpad. It works pretty well for large windows, except in post-68 versions of Firefox, where capacitive touch scrolling is inexplicably broken. Which is pretty much the only place I really wanted to use the feature. So, nevermind.

software updates

The last update from AT&T is build ACG696, which arrived on November 27, 2019. That’s it, there won’t be any more. This thing will always be stuck on Android 8.1.0.

2022.07.02 Update: For some reason earlier today AT&T attempted to push this last update to my phone. The installer crashed at 85% three times in a row, and then bricked my phone.

2022.07.03 Update: I was able to run a direct loader on an old (32-bit) Macbook and restore to the latest AT&T image.



If you do, and you’re an AT&T customer, make sure you get the PRD-63116-036 model. It is the only one whitelisted for their network. No other models will be able to make and receive voice calls.

2022.05.24 Update: Bought a used model marked as compatible with AT&T off of eBay. It arrived and was actually the PRD-63116-051, which is not compatible with AT&T.

2022.06.03 Update: Bought a sealed, correctly labeled PRD-63116-036 off of eBay. It worked with my existing AT&T SIM card on the first try, without any manual configuration.